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A Sportsmans Paradise Since 1947

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Member Types

  • Junior ($35) : Juniors under 18 years
  • Regular ($125) : Adults under 65 years 
  • Senior ($60) : Adults 65 years and older
  • Household ($200) : 1 or 2 adults and children age 17 and under residing in same household
  • Life ($900) : Must be a club member for at least one year

All prospective members must be voted into the club on a monthly Member Meeting. These meetings occur the first Monday of the month. The meeting time is 7:00 PM. Please show up about 15 minutes early for processing.

Additionally, all prospective members must go through an Orientation Meeting after being voted into the club. This usually occurs on the Saturday after the monthly Member Meeting. Additional Orientation Meetings may be scheduled during the week as needed.

Members are not required to do any work for the club. However, if you have any skills which would help better the club, please let us know.